• Where Do I Make My Payments?

Your payments should be mailed to the address indicated on your coupon booklet. Only correspondence should be mailed to the Port Jefferson Station address (PO Box 990, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776).

  • Who Do I Make My Maintenance/Common Charge Payment Out To?

Your maintenance/common charge payment must be made out to the name of your community NOT CAMCO Services.

  • I need to pay an Administrative Fee to CAMCO Services. How do I do this?

If you are required to submit a payment to CAMCO Services for any of the items below:

  • Common Charge Release Letter Fee
  • Prospectus (copy of)
  • Questionnaire Fees
  • Application Fees
  • Miscellaneous Document Fees

Speak with your Property Coordinator in regard to the fee* and submit payment to CAMCO Services by clicking on the link below. Be sure to include your name, phone number, email address and any additional details that are applicable, within your online payment.

*Third Party Charges may apply.

  • What Is Your Mailing Address?

PO Box 990, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

  • How Do I Get To Your Office?

click here for google maps

  • What Is Your Email Address?

[email protected]

  • I’m Selling My Condominium/Co-Op What Do I Do?

First, please read through your Prospectus and the House Rules for your community, regarding rules and regulations pertaining to the sale of a unit. This ensures that you are aware of the guidelines prior to contacting CAMCO. Once you’ve read the above mentioned documents, you may contact the CAMCO administrator regarding requirements prior to the sale of your unit. There may be additional fees involved for requesting certain documents, for both the Buyer and Seller. Please note that adequate notice must be given in order to prepare the appropriate documents. All common charges/maintenance charges must be paid up-to-date, including the actual month of closing.

  • Who Can I Discuss My Account With (Balance Check Received Etc)?

Please contact your CAMCO Services property coordinator.

  • I Am A New Homeowner, Who Do I Contact Regarding My Home?

Please contact your Property Manager.

  • How Do I Obtain A Copy Of The Master Insurance Policy For My Community?

You may contact CAMCO Services for the Insurance carrier’s name and phone number in order to obtain a copy of the policy.

  • What Is My Garbage/Recycling Pick-Up Schedule?

Some sanitation company’s provide a magnetic schedule. If you do not have a schedule please contact your sanitation company and request one.  Contact your sanitation company for specific pick-up days.

  • What Is The Procedure For Modifications To My Home And/Or Property?

Please send your request in writing, via email, letter or fax, to the attention of your Board of Directors/Managers. Your Property Manager will address the Board regarding your request.

  • How Can I Determine If A Problem Is My Responsibility As A Homeowner Or That Of The Homeowner’s Association?

Please refer to your Prospectus and/or House Rules; or contact your Property Manager.

  • How Can I Contact The Board Members For My Community?

Send an email, letter or fax to CAMCO Services, outlining your issue and the Property Manager will address the Board.

  • What Do I Do If I Have An After Business Hours Emergency?

Please contact CAMCO Services and follow the prompts.
For Police, Fire or Emergency Medical Services please contact 911 directly.